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Introduction to jHipster (ReactJs Version)

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If you're like me and many others, you hate the tedious hassle of creating projects from scratch. It takes so much time and effort just to complex applications to state where it has basic functionality. Wouldn't be nice if there was something out of the box with which suites your basic needs of an application, which let's you get off the ground running? Well there is.

Now before I go any further, this post is geared towards Java developers who have a basic knowledge of Spring Boot, ReactJS, Maven, and web development.


So jHipster, "What is it and why will it benefit me?". JHipster is nothing more than a boilerplate application filled with goodies to help propel your development. It can cut days, weeks, even months off your application's development time by giving you some basic, essential tools and code to get your development up and running. Like many boilerplates out there, the jHipster team integrates many of the newest and hottest technologies into their projects ensuring your application is up to speed with current trends.

Being a Java developer, you know the language can be pretty verbose at times and can be quite time consuming to get an initial application to state where you are ready begin adding your business logic. What jHipster does is give you a bunch of pregenerated code to eliminate the tedious portions of initial development. They integrate many popular and tested technologies, which I will cover.

Spring Boot
Spring Boot, as you know, is an opensource Java framework which enables developers to create production-ready spring applications. Spring is extremely popular among many companies and has a great community behind it.

Yeoman is a frontend scaffolding tool, which helps developers quickly generate client-side code.

ReactJS is a javascript library developed by Facebook used for creating user interfaces for single page applications (SPA). If you are thinking of MVC pattern, React would be the V (view) layer. React uses components and HTML to render content onto the end-users screen. You can still use CSS, Javascript, and HTML but they are packaged into each component. You can create a singular component and use is application-wide allowing you to reduce coding the same thing multiple times.

JHipster has a few different flavories which you can use for your front-end such as Angular and React Native, but for this we will only focus on React.

These aren't the only technologies which jHipster uses, they also give users the option of utilizing a number of different complimentry technologies to support your application:

  • Elasticsearch (for faster searches)
  • Liquibase (for database versioning)
  • Swagger (for API documentation)
  • Protractor, Gatling, Jasmine, and Cucumber (for test frameworks)
  • Maven, Gradle, NPM, Yarn, Gulp, and Bower (for dependancy management)
  • Metrics (for monitoring)

This isn't even the full list! If you want to see everything they support go check it out.

Why should I use it?

Well, no one is telling you to use it. Although, I would definately recommend it if your developing a web application. Especially if you plan on creating that project solo or in a small group. It will save you an immense amount of time scraping together a basic web app.

The tecnology is open source, so you are free to modify it to suite your own personal or business needs. JHipster is also support and used by a number of large corporations, so it has a reputation in the industry.

I am currently using it for one of my projects Sia. Sia is a Discord bot which will have a brower based UI and has been in development for a few months. So far, I am loving everything JHipster has provided me. It has saved time on creating basic database tables, OAUTH, and frontend development.

I have barely even touched the surface of everything JHipster can provide for you. I would recommend you go check them out. I will soon be developing a tutorial on how to use it. Currently there are no realistic tutorials out there to give you a good feel of how to use it. There are even less geared towards those who want to use the React version. That is why I have created a basic tutorial. If your interested, come check it out!

JHipster React Tutorial Part 1

In the meantime, go check out jHipster for yourself!

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