Triippz Tech is here to solve all of your needs. Ok... maybe not all of them, but it IS here to help you with some of your programming related questions. We have (and still do) have troubles finding decent tutorials or how-to's on certain aspects of different languages and frameworks. I created this, partially, as a means to give meaningful information to developers.

Along with information, we post our current and upcoming open source projects, with hopes that many of you may pitch in to help. We love open source work as it helps better the project's quality and improves the developer's skillset. We can all learn from each other.

Lastly, I want to give a centralized location where I can post installation guides, user guides, etc. to current projects. This will ease users in their goals of using certain software we develop.

The content posted here may vary greatly on topic, but the idea is all the same, bring information to everyone. If you enjoy what we are doing, wish to contribute (Posts or Contributions to Code), please feel free to contact us or event better, join our Discord to chat or game! Or send us a donation!